Real Answers for Your Skin Care Questions!

Did you know that Rodan & Fields Dermatologists want to answer any and all of your questions about skin care?  They have several different ways that you can explore which skin care regimen is best for your personal needs.


Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields are real women, real dermatologists, real doctors with real answers!

One place where you can get advice straight from the doctors is my website: GET ADVICE

“Rodan + Fields is committed to giving everyone access to dermatology-based skincare. The doctors have spent countless hours creating comprehensive tools to support you on your journey to great skin. Visit the Solution Tool to get a customized skincare routine designed to address your specific skincare needs. For answers to the most frequently asked questions about products, usage and more, visit the RF Connection micro-site. If your questions aren’t answered there, contact our team of trained product experts at the RF Connection, accessible by e-mail and phone to answer your specific skincare questions. We also have a library of Common Questions, and Glossary terms available 24/7.”


The RF CONNECTION is another site designed to get in-depth information about skin care products, ingredients, and health concerns. This is a list of Tips for Getting Started posted on the RF Connection site:  

For best results with your Rodan + Fields Regimen we recommend these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Solution Tool: Developed by Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields and based on how they work with their own patients, the Solution Tool offers users a customized skincare routine designed to address your individual skincare needs.
  2. Say Cheese: While you wait for your regimen to arrive, take a baseline picture. Changes in skin occur gradually and the best way to track your progress is with regular “before and after” pictures.
  3. Read the Regimen Brochure: Before you get started, read the regimen brochure. This contains important information on how to begin using the products for best results.
  4. Track and Share your Progress: Take progressive pictures at least every 30 days and share your results with us at If your testimonial is selected for publication, you will receive a free regimen of choice.

I love being your Rodan & Fields Independent Consultant and it is my goal to help you find the skin care regimen that will give you the best skin of your life!  Let me know what your biggest skin care questions are and I will do my best to find the answers that will help you!

Jan Evett
Independent Consultant
Rodan & Fields Dermatologists
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When you look at your skin in a mirror, what concerns you most?

This question becomes extremely important for most women when they look in a mirror and see those slight flaws and imperfections that trouble all of us!  Whether we are plagued by young adult acne or shocked to find that we are looking more like Aunt Bea than Beyonce (as if we ever really look like Beyonce!), we want to find the right product to solve our skin care problems!

With the Rodan+Fields SOLUTION TOOL you can find answers to solve those concerns!

R+F Skin Care Products

You can choose areas of concern such as . . .

BREAKOUTS – acne, blemishes, whiteheads or blackheads



DULLNESS or DARK MARKS – dark marks or brown spots



WRINKLES – lines and loss of firmness or sagging skin



SENSITIVITY – irritated skin or redness



And, the best part is that Rodan+Fields Dermatologists have created clinically proven products to solve these problems!

Check it out at THE SOLUTION TOOL on my R+F website, where you can find solutions in the privacy of your own home!


My R+F website:

Jan Evett
Independent Consultant
Rodan & Fields Dermatologists
Read how my R&F business is supporting The Widows Walk Counseling Ministry

Rodan+Fields Loves Teachers!


I have several friends who are teachers.  My beautiful niece is an elementary school teacher.  I’ve observed that teaching is a profession that requires giving so much of yourself, and often times getting so little in return.  Teachers are nurturers and very special people who find genuine fulfillment in the experience of learning that takes place in their classrooms on a daily basis.  They give out of the depths of their hearts and sometimes from their pocketbooks!  No paycheck is ever enough to reward them for all they do for our children.

teachers qualities

Some of the same qualities that make teachers so good at what they do are also great character traits for Rodan+Fields consultants.  I find it quite interesting that many of our most successful independent consultants are teachers … or once were teachers before they discovered they could use their talents and make an unlimited residual income while having more free time!

Educators know that it isn’t easy to find  flexible sources of income, since their hours are extremely long in a profession that is often exhausting!  And the teaching career field has become increasingly unstable, filled with anxiety resulting from possible pay cuts or changes in administration, and even the possibility of layoffs or additional duties.


Many teachers are partnering with Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the dermatologists who created Proactiv® Solution in the 1990’s.   As a part time or full time business venture, Rodan+Fields Dermatologists can be an amazing opportunity to build a financial safety net.  In only a few hours per week, you can build a business that may actually exceed your financial goals.  The best part is, you will be using the same skills that have helped you excel in education to teach other people how to have the best skin of their lives.

If you are an educator, I hope you will take a look at this business opportunity for additional income! What are your plans for the summer?  This opportunity could change your life forever, like it has for many others!

Teacher Success Stories!  Did you know the top money earning consultant in our company is a teacher? 

Sarah & Phil Robbins

Sarah & Phil Robbins

Sarah Robbins and husband, Phil, have discovered success and met financial goals beyond their wildest dreams!  As a kindergarten teacher, she began selling Rodan + Fields® products first in the retail sector and then through direct sales part time, along with her full-time teaching career.  By the end of the school year, Sarah was able to retire from teaching!  A short time later, she was making enough income to retire her successful husband, Phil,  who now works alongside her.  Just three years into the official launch of the company, they were earning a seven figure annual residual income!!  Sarah is the top earner for Rodan + Fields®!  They have now started a foundation for women and children that they fully fund through their business.

Linda Lackey Ray

Linda Lackey Ray

Teaching was a major part of Linda Lackey Ray’s life for 21 years.  This Amarillo, Texas native loved her work, but she always knew if she found a powerful entrepreneurial opportunity, she would go for it. With two daughters—one a teenager approaching college age and the other a toddler—Linda needed another source of income to cover her daughter’s college expenses. So when she discovered Rodan + Fields, she immediately recognized the potential and jumped in. After only 10 months as an Independent Consultant, Linda tripled her monthly teaching salary, left her career in education, is paying off some debt, saving for both girls’ college, and has earned a new Lexus.

Linda credits her strong belief system for her rapid success; she was raised by entrepreneurial parents and was taught that anything is possible if you work hard and are determined to reach your goals. She now plans to retire her husband from his job so he can spend more time on the golf course and with their daughters. With Rodan + Fields, Linda is also continuing to teach—but now she’s teaching others how to duplicate her success (including several members of her family)—and she’s loving every single, successful minute of it!

Tracy Willard

Tracy Willard

Ten minutes was all it took for Tracy to make a decision that would take her from financial fear and uncertainty to a limitless future. This wife and mother of two experienced hardship firsthand when the economy—and her husband Scott’s considerable income—collapsed in 2008. Tracy’s part-time job teaching at a local university not only didn’t cover the comfortable life they’d lived up till then, it was not meeting their basic needs. Some months she even struggled to fill her daughters’ lunch boxes.

Fortunately, that all changed in November 2009 when Tracy bumped into a friend who told her about the thriving business she was building from home around her two kids. Tracy quickly grasped the power a global brand, and even though she had no prior business or sales experience, this teacher became a good student and learned how to duplicate her friend’s success. In just a little over two years, Tracy built a national team that took her and Scott from food stamps to Lexus leather. The business has also allowed Tracy to move her family back to her Southern California roots, a dream that wouldn’t have been possible without her success. Now Tracy and Scott are dreaming big again, and she loves helping others create their own economic recovery and fulfill their dreams.

They Have The Same Characteristics and Skills  That You Use in Your Teaching Career Every Day!

Why are teachers so successful in this business? Look no further than the qualities of good teachers.  They are good communicators, time managers, leaders and learners! Did you know that these qualities will help you succeed in the Rodan+Fields business as well?

If you are looking for “something more,” let’s set up a time to talk about this business opportunity. I am committed to finding and training like-minded individuals who see the possibilities in this amazing company. I know how this business has changed my life and I can’t wait to share it and watch it transform your life, too!  This summer, I promise to work with you so your business will be rolling by the time school starts in the fall!

Did I mention how great your skin will look as well?  If you have not yet tried the number one clinically proven skin care products developed by Rodan+Fields, you will be so happy with the results you will get including younger, healthier looking skin!

Contact me today to find out what Rodan+Fields can do for you!  Changing skin + changing lives!